10 Things Your Customers Aren’t Telling Your Small Business

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A small business has a unique relationship with their customers, as they are able to connect to these customers more and develop a more personal relationship with said customers.


Most small businesses believe that their customers will tell them what is wrong with the product or service, or any other issue that they are having, however, in most cases customers rarely let their true opinions and feelings show.


This is why it is important for a small business to understand that there may be things that your customers are not telling you, which could affect just how well your small business is performing.


What Customers Are Not Telling You


There are several things that your customers may not be telling you, likewise, there are several things that customers say, but the real meaning needs to be deciphered by the business owner. Here are 10 things that you may not realize customers feel.


1. Your product is not for everyone


This is probably one of the biggest things consumers never tell a business. Though the product may be great and helpful, it may not be something that everyone is interested in. Thus, marketing this to the wrong person is really wasting your time and money, when this effort could be devoted to the right consumer base.


2. Consumers want privacy


This is often something that businesses neglect to think about, but consumers want to know that their personal and financial information is safe with you, and private.


This means not selling their information to third party vendors, as well as ensuring that at any time a consumer can opt out of those newsletters or emails that you send. Letting the consumer have the control over what they receive from you and what they give you, is the best idea for consumer privacy.


3. Do not ignore the complaints


If consumers take the time to formally complain about the service or product, they want you to listen. Otherwise, you are just going to make the situation worse. This does not mean giving the consumer what they want to hear, yet really never meaning it.


Instead, consumers want to know that you are listening to their complaint and making adjustments where needed. Plus, this is how to ensure that your reputation is kept intact and you are a small business that other consumers look for.


4. Consumers rarely listen to the business owner


When it comes to the customer service and the products that you offer, most consumers are not listening to what you are stating about these. They are listening to other consumers and employees who work for you.


Thus, this is why it is important to also manage your reputation as needed to ensure that there are no disgruntled employees or consumers out there who are lowering the businesses reputation.


5. Your marketing approach is awful


If you are sending out daily emails, social media posts and the like about products you are offering, many consumers are not reading these. Yet, since you send these out, you assume they are being read.


What most consumers will not tell you is that they send the email to junk and they ignore the social media posts. Most of the time this is due to these emails and posts being redundant or simply not entertaining at all.


6. If the business service is amazing, a price hike will be taken with ease


Most small businesses think that if they keep their prices low, then this is what is going to deliver the consumers to their business. However, many consumers are more than happy to pay a bit more for products or services if the customers service is out of this world.


7. If the service is disliked, more people will hear about this


Studies show that people who have good customer service experiences share their experience with others, yet when there is a bad customer experience, then they tell even more people. Every small business should strive for 100% of their customers to be happy with their service, or they may suffer the consequences.


8. Common sayings are very annoying to many customers


There are several common sayings that are used in the business industry when dealing with customer service.


These can be “Your call is important to us, please continue to hold for the next available agent”, “We are unable to answer your question, so please call XYZ”. It is these types of phrases that consumers hate as they feel these phrases just make everything harder.


9. Employing rude employees is a reason to stop doing business with the store.


Most businesses believe that if they have one or two employees who are rude or not very good, that consumers will forgive this. But, most consumers look at the actions of the employees as the actions of the business, and they will count this against you.


10. Surveys about customer satisfaction are not worth the time unless there is an incentive


Many small businesses often look for ways to get customers to take surveys that are meant to help them with customer service, which is great. But, consumers are not interested in taking these unless they have an incentive that is great. The chance of winning something is not really an incentive, whereas a discount for doing this can be a great incentive for the person.