7 Major Web Design Trends for 2015

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The Internet is ever changing, and websites, especially those who a business website or offer services or products online, need to keep up with the changing web design elements. An outdated website can cause serious issues for a business, as consumers will look at the business as not changing. Thus, they may look at the business as not being on the cutting edge of anything, including what they offer to the consumer market.


Having a website means changing with the latest designs, implementing the changes that need to be made, and always striving to be the best website in the market. Every year there are web design elements that are reinforced or created that are the next best thing. Thus, these are changes that need to be made. For the upcoming 2015 year, there are a few web design trends to watch out for, and perhaps to start implementing towards the end of the year to stay on top of the market.


1. More Images, Less Text


This web design element was seen more in 2014, but for 2015, it is expected to be even bigger. Businesses are utilizing their website to show rather than tell, and consumers are loving it. Consider this, a video on your website can do more for your business than two pages of text. Not only will it take less time for consumers to watch a video, but it is fast paced and more entertaining. In a fast paced world, images keep up better than text alone. However, this does not mean that text won’t have a part in web design, as it will, but it will have a far less role as it once played.


2. Less Clicks, More Scrolling


This is a trend that was seen somewhat in 2014, but will dominate in the 2015 world of web design. Websites are going to have information that is laid out on single pages, thus allowing a person to scroll through to what they need, rather than having to click and upload new pages. It is a time saver, and helps to keep with a responsive design that has become popular during 2014.


3. Simple and Flat Designs


With more and more consumers utilizing their mobile devices to connect to the Internet, websites are going to become more all around. At the moment, most businesses have a website that is meant for computers and other types of devices, while they also have a mobile themed website. In 2015, these are going to merge, so both websites are identical. This new design is going to be focused on simplicity and be a flat design. The prior element discussed about scrolling, will also play a huge role in a simple and flat design. These designs are going to be simple, yet they are by no means boring, as they will be bringing a new definition of beauty to the market.


4. Menus that Slide Out


People are tired of having to click through various menus and have a menu take up half of a home page. Thus, the sliding out menu is going to become more prevalent in 2015. These types of menus take up less space and are a bit more interactive, as the Windows 8 is a great example of how these menus can work. This is going to be an especially vital design element in mobile device website designs.


5. A Card Layout


More websites are going to be using what is called the “card layout”. This type of layout has various “cards” or tiles that contain information all within the web page. To many this has a cluttered feel to it, but most websites find this to be a unique way to get all the information out there for the consumer to read. This is keeping with the more mobile design that websites will be aiming for.


6. Exciting Fonts


Gone are the days of using Times New Roman or Aerial fonts, now it is all about attitude in your design. When combined with the less text approach, the use of exciting fonts can be managed quite well. Not all websites are going to follow this rule, but you can bet that there will be more exotic fonts out there, while most steer clear of traditional fonts.


7. More Sliders will be seen


Sliders are the small amount of information on the home page that is going to filter by, allowing more information and more graphics to be seen on the page. Most sliders are going to have an automatic timing for how long they are displayed with the optional feature of letting a viewer click through these on their own time. The idea with sliders is to compact as much information as possible into a stunning view in order to grab attention, hence why these will become a part of a standard website.


Those who have a website realize the need for keeping their website up to date in order to ensure that they make the right impression on customers. Through updating with the newest trends for the year, a business can ensure their website is going to be the best it can be.