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Effect of Social Media on Local Businesses

In Social Media by checkmatemedia

If we’re talking about what’s happening online, we can’t ignore social media. What began with computer-geek chat rooms has evolved into a worldwide cultural phenomenon. The Internet has become, not surprisingly, a zone of social interaction. We can see that an enormous percentage of people are drawn to the Internet for what could broadly be characterized as “social reasons.” People …

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Why You Need a Mobile App to Stay Competitive and Retain Your Customers

In Mobile Apps, Mobile Marketing by checkmatemedia

Essentially your business spends money to get customers. The customer comes into your business and they purchase the product or service. That customer then leaves, which means they are a lost customer – and your advertising money is lost because you spent money to get them there. Most businesses don’t do anything to maintain relationships with those customers or maintain …

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Why Businesses Need To Track the Leads They Generate Online

In Lead Generation by checkmatemedia

These days the business that is not represented on-line is as good as defunct. However, though most of the business owners and analytics have come to realize that the Internet presence is a must, not all of them got to realize that there is such a thing as “bad press” or – in the case of the Web technologies” – …

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The Basics Of Online Video Marketing For Businesses

In Social Media, Video Marketing by checkmatemedia

Any business that seeks a larger audience in order to increase its sales and profit margins must incorporate online video marketing in its list of marketing strategies. Learning the basics of online video marketing for businesses is not hard. It also comes with a lot of benefits in terms of exposure, search engine optimization and creating a market authority in …

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How to Manage an Email Newsletter for Your Business

In Email Marketing by checkmatemedia

With all the talk of social media this and Twitter that, you might find the whole concept of Internet marketing to be very confusing. You may wonder if there’s any place for older types of advertising. Worry not, for there is! Email newsletters are a great way to start dipping your toes into Internet marketing, especially if you already have …

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Proactively Manage Your Business Reputation Online

In Reputation Management by checkmatemedia

If there’s one thing that can be said about the advent of social media, it’s that conversations are everywhere on the Internet. These conversations can take the form of comments on blog posts, forums for customer rants, or user reviews, for example. The topics for these conversations can be about anything imaginable – from varieties of tropical fish food to …

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7 Important Tips On How To Design A Business Website Effectively

In SEO, Web Design by checkmatemedia

There is a lot of information online on making a website. However, very few articles discuss how to design a business website effectively. As a result of this, very few people make effective business friendly websites for their own businesses, or for their clients if they are web designers. Below are some important checkpoints if you are to design an …

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Why Does a Local Business Need a Blog Anyway?

In Blogging by checkmatemedia

The traditional way of marketing is no where near as effective as it once was. The public have been inundated with every kind of direct marketing method, from tv commercials to email marketing, with so much is now being viewed as spam, lowering its effectiveness. Because of this, most marketing attempts by a small business are simply being ignored, and …

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Why SEO matters for small & medium sized businesses

In SEO by checkmatemedia

Businesses of all sizes have a presence on the internet these days. But let’s learn why SEO matters for small & medium sized businesses. Large, medium, small scale, it doesn’t matter how big your business is. The only thing that matters is whether you have a presence on the web, and most importantly, whether you have SEO’d it. To a …

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Checkmate Marketing Group LLC Scheduled To Appear At Charlotte Small Business Week 2011

In Press Releases by checkmatemedia

CHARLOTTE, NC, May 20, 2011 – Checkmate Marketing Group LLC will be participating in the Charlotte Small Business Week 2011 Expo to be held on 21st May 2011. While honoring the entrepreneurial spirit of Charlotte, the expo aims to promote products and services of small businesses in Charlotte. Checkmate Marketing Group LLC, the Charlotte- based social media marketing company specializes …