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6 Ways Scuba Diving Shops Can Use Online Marketing Effectively

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Those businesses who specialize in selling scuba diving gear or instructions on how to scuba dive will find that their specialized business can make it harder to draw in customers. After all, when you have a specialized business, you are catering to a specific consumer base. This is where marketing is essential in order to get your business to where …

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Client Campaign Management Dashboard Demo

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Today we did a quick screen capture of the client dashboard. This is where our team actively manages all of the marketing campaigns for our clients. Clients also have access to this. It provides one central location for just about everything we do – SEO, PPC, Email Marketing, Social Media, Sales Lead Tracking, etc. Check out the video below to …

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How to Manage an Email Newsletter for Your Business

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With all the talk of social media this and Twitter that, you might find the whole concept of Internet marketing to be very confusing. You may wonder if there’s any place for older types of advertising. Worry not, for there is! Email newsletters are a great way to start dipping your toes into Internet marketing, especially if you already have …