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7 Major Web Design Trends for 2015

In Inbound Marketing, Lead Generation, Web Design by checkmatemedia

The Internet is ever changing, and websites, especially those who a business website or offer services or products online, need to keep up with the changing web design elements. An outdated website can cause serious issues for a business, as consumers will look at the business as not changing. Thus, they may look at the business as not being on …

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What Is Inbound Marketing and Why Small Businesses Must Use It

In Lead Generation, SEO, Social Media by checkmatemedia

What Is Inbound Marketing and Why Small Businesses Must Use It   Small businesses have a unique situation in which they have to ensure they are using the proper marketing techniques. Small businesses are not big corporations that have millions of dollars to spend on advertising and various marketing techniques, thus a small business must ensure that the marketing they …

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Why Businesses Need To Track the Leads They Generate Online

In Lead Generation by checkmatemedia

These days the business that is not represented on-line is as good as defunct. However, though most of the business owners and analytics have come to realize that the Internet presence is a must, not all of them got to realize that there is such a thing as “bad press” or – in the case of the Web technologies” – …