Embracing Social Media Marketing

In Social Media by checkmatemedia

Let us face it. Social media is not a fad and it cannot be wished away. This is a reality that businesses have to embrace quickly. Businesses have to recognize that social media is a fantastic opportunity to connect and engage with new and existing customers. Today, many traditional businesses and business owners are wary of utilizing social media as another tool in their marketing toolkit. But one has to just look around and one cannot ignore the fact that everyone and their pets are using social media. Social media is the most powerful connector for people in today’s world.  About 50% of Facebook users log on to their accounts every day. Consumer Reports say 7.5 million Facebook users are lying about their age – they are under age 13. The potential to influence consumers about a product or service and establish a loyal following is just mind boggling.

Going by the number of users, they say if Facebook were a country, it would be the 3rd most populous country with 600 million users. Twitter has 200 million users and LinkedIn adds a new user every second. The average age of a person is 28 years old and under-thirty-year-olds account for more than half the world’s population. Guess what – 96 percent of them use social media and they use them furiously.

If you thought social media is popular only among the Gen-X and Gen-Y segments, consider this – the fastest growing Facebook segment is 55-65 year old females!  Considering that this is a lot of segments available at the disposable of the business, the question then is, what can businesses leverage from a tool like social media. The answer is that a good campaign can be designed to achieve several objectives – create consumer awareness, generate leads, advertise and build a loyal consumer base.

Analyze this simple fact – the average Facebook user has 130 friends. And people trust a peer’s or friend’s recommendation more than a traditional advertisement.  That, is the most powerful opportunity a business has at its disposal. If you have a great product and a happy customer, who is an active social media user, you can depend on some free advertising.  To ensure that the customer has the necessary tools to be able to do that, businesses need to design and present those tools to the hands of their social-savvy customer. Last but not the least, businesses need to engage with their customers and manage their relationship with customers on these forums. It does require effort but with the right strategy, the rewards are worth it.

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