Every business should already have a web presence of sorts, it is a necessity in this day and age, but astute business operators should be aware that they should also be looking at having a mobile optimized website as well.

Why? Simply because the majority of web surfing is now being done via mobile devices such as cell phones, tablet PCs and even ebook readers.

What is a Mobile Website?

In simple terms, most websites are designed to fit a computer monitor. When that same site is viewed on the tiny screen of a cell phone, the results are very poor.

The viewer has to scan around to find the information they are after, negotiate around large graphics or images and other media. Sometimes, the site may not display at all.

A mobile website is specifically designed to be displayed on the small screens of devices such as smartphones. It is a watered down version of the main site, and primarily carries text with one or two images to help it look professional.

And essentially, this is all people need when on the go. It helps them to quickly find the information needed, and then move on to a call to action.

How Does this Help a Business?

Consider yourself and your main competitor. You both have websites that rank high for your keywords. A visitor finds your site on their smartphone, clicks on it and is confronted with a regular website.

Within seven seconds, they are very likely to give up searching around trying to find the information they seek and return to the search results.

Your competitor’s link is displayed next in the rankings. He has a mobile optimized website though. The visitor clicks the link and is presented with a well constructed mobile site, and within seconds finds the information required. They follow through, and purchase a product or service because the whole experience was quicker and easier for them.

In simple terms, your competitor won and you lost.

By the end of the year, it is estimated that the majority of web surfing will be done via mobile devices. This makes it doubly important for your business to invest in a mobile optimized site. It is probably now more important to have this type of site than a main site (although you should never do away with this).

One of the reasons people are surfing from mobile devices is when they are out and about waiting for something, they simply hop online. Also, if they are out, and they need a particular service or product, they can simply search and find the business there and then, and drive directly to it. Therefore the benefits are obvious.

It is also important to use a professional web design company to create this mobile site, because they will do a professional job on it, and produce it quickly and efficiently.

This means that you, the business owner or manager, have the time to do your job properly and deal with all the extra business that your mobile web site will be generating for you.