Quick Reponse Codes – What Are They Anyway?

In Mobile Marketing by checkmatemedia

Well, they are like bar codes but they are 2D and more powerful. Quick Response (QR) codes are digitally encoded information that can be interpreted by a smartphone application. What exactly can the QR code embed ? A simple code can hold URLs and basic contact information. A more sophisticated QR code can be used to embed other useful data like videos, music or promotional campaigns. QR Code is capable of 360 degree (omni-directional), high speed reading.

In Japan, QR codes are used widely by businesses to cater to a tech-savvy, smartphone wielding population. The US and the Middle-East are now warming up to the idea of QR code as a marketing tool. A recent report states that every building in Dubai will be issued a QR code to allow residents access to detailed information about the building. New York has already initiated a similar effort. Even personal branding strategists suggest that this can be a meaningful differentiator while building a personal brand in the job market.

A QR code will grab attention, but it must lead to high-quality, high value content to immediately appeal to the user. Skillfully using this tool in tandem with social media marketing, video marketing or even a high-quality (mobile) website can help stand out in a marketplace that craves variety. Many businesses use QR codes innovatively to reach consumers via posters and billboards and to provide information regarding consumer campaigns, addresses and maps for retail outlets.

QR codes can be a great branding tool. Mobile phone users can be directed to (mobile) websites where users can download ads, ringtones, character logos, viral videos and flash games. Food joints are increasingly printing QR codes which holds nutritional and ingredient information on sandwich wrappers. Using QR codes on packaging is another innovative way to advertise products or offer information.

There are several uses for QR codes in marketing almost all types of business. Retailers can print the codes on receipts, service businesses including doctors’ and dentists’ offices, beauty salons etc. can use them to help people seeking appointments over their phones. Event producers can provide exhibit information while event management companies can offer information regarding different events on different (mobile) web pages.

For businesses that seek differentiation from the rest of the competition, QR codes should be the next stop. By integrating QR codes and a mobile website in their campaigns, businesses can leverage the needs and attention of the smart phone user better. According to statistics, smart phone users make up about 30% of mobile phone users and Charlotte has 2-million people. The Democratic National Convention scheduled for 2012 offers an exciting, measurable opportunity for Charlotte businesses to utilize QR codes and mobile sites in their campaigns.

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