Social Media Marketing: How To Create A Successful Campaign

In Social Media by checkmatemedia


Its a fact that many businesses are still confused about social media and how to use it for marketing purposes.  Many business owners we talk to understand the basics of websites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.  However, they more often than not do not understand how they can grow their business by marketing on these social media sites.


Today we are going to clear all of that up.


When you are using social media for marketing purposes, you must realize that it is a long-term strategy.  You are not going to see results overnight or even in the next week.  In terms of marketing, it is much more of a branding and awareness strategy than it is an advertising one.


The purpose of marketing on social media is to get the word out that your company exists and for users on these sites to understand what it is your business does.  Nothing more.  You are not trying to make a sale.  You are simply saying “hey this is who we are and this is what we do”.


As your social media reputation grows, the people that have had contact with your business online will remember it when they need your product or service.  If you made a good impression while interacting with them on social media, they will already have some level of trust in your company.  This will make them much more likely to become customers later when they see a need to visit you.


To make sure you make a GOOD impression when doing social media marketing, it is extremely important that you do not come across as salesy.  Instead share information that contains good social content – articles or videos that people would be likely to pass along to their personal social media network.


When creating content for social media marketing, make sure it is entertaining, enlightening and/or educational.  And do not make it a blatant advertisement.


Here is an example.  Let’s say we own a gardening center that sells plants, seeds, fertilizer, tools and other things for people with a green thumb.  The best thing for a company like this to share via social media would be “how to” videos and articles.


Sharing a video on how to get the most yield from tomato plants would be perfect.  What this does is position this gardening center as the experts.  As they share other content related to gardening, they become an authority.  People that they interact with on social media while sharing this content build trust in this company and know they can rely on them for all of their gardening needs.  When springtime hits, they will be much more likely to go to this business because they already have a pre-existing relationship with them.


Finally, make sure that you test, test, test.  Not all content you release will be popular.  Watch the social response by checking to see how many likes, comments and shares your content gets.  When you see a content piece that takes off, publish a few pieces of similar content to see how it does.  The key is to keep on optimizing and refining your social media marketing campaign for the best performance possible.


To summarize:

  • Make sure everything you share is entertaining, enlightening and/or educational
  • Do not make content a blatant advertisement – work on building trust instead
  • Keep testing and optimizing your campaign over time to get a better social response