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10 Things Your Customers Aren’t Telling Your Small Business

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A small business has a unique relationship with their customers, as they are able to connect to these customers more and develop a more personal relationship with said customers.   Most small businesses believe that their customers will tell them what is wrong with the product or service, or any other issue that they are having, however, in most cases …

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What Is Inbound Marketing and Why Small Businesses Must Use It

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What Is Inbound Marketing and Why Small Businesses Must Use It   Small businesses have a unique situation in which they have to ensure they are using the proper marketing techniques. Small businesses are not big corporations that have millions of dollars to spend on advertising and various marketing techniques, thus a small business must ensure that the marketing they …

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Client Campaign Management Dashboard Demo

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Today we did a quick screen capture of the client dashboard. This is where our team actively manages all of the marketing campaigns for our clients. Clients also have access to this. It provides one central location for just about everything we do – SEO, PPC, Email Marketing, Social Media, Sales Lead Tracking, etc. Check out the video below to …

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How to Organize an Effective SEO Campaign for a Local Business

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Before you think of launching a seo campaign for your local business, you need to first of all understand what seo is and what it can do for you. You also need to understand what you can do with it and how to apply it to the concept of your local business. In trying to understand how seo works and …

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Why You Need a Mobile App to Stay Competitive and Retain Your Customers

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Essentially your business spends money to get customers. The customer comes into your business and they purchase the product or service. That customer then leaves, which means they are a lost customer – and your advertising money is lost because you spent money to get them there. Most businesses don’t do anything to maintain relationships with those customers or maintain …

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The Basics Of Online Video Marketing For Businesses

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Any business that seeks a larger audience in order to increase its sales and profit margins must incorporate online video marketing in its list of marketing strategies. Learning the basics of online video marketing for businesses is not hard. It also comes with a lot of benefits in terms of exposure, search engine optimization and creating a market authority in …

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Why Does a Local Business Need a Blog Anyway?

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The traditional way of marketing is no where near as effective as it once was. The public have been inundated with every kind of direct marketing method, from tv commercials to email marketing, with so much is now being viewed as spam, lowering its effectiveness. Because of this, most marketing attempts by a small business are simply being ignored, and …

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Checkmate Marketing Group LLC Scheduled To Appear At Charlotte Small Business Week 2011

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CHARLOTTE, NC, May 20, 2011 – Checkmate Marketing Group LLC will be participating in the Charlotte Small Business Week 2011 Expo to be held on 21st May 2011. While honoring the entrepreneurial spirit of Charlotte, the expo aims to promote products and services of small businesses in Charlotte. Checkmate Marketing Group LLC, the Charlotte- based social media marketing company specializes …

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Embracing Social Media Marketing

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Let us face it. Social media is not a fad and it cannot be wished away. This is a reality that businesses have to embrace quickly. Businesses have to recognize that social media is a fantastic opportunity to connect and engage with new and existing customers. Today, many traditional businesses and business owners are wary of utilizing social media as …

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Social Media Marketing: How To Create A Successful Campaign

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  Its a fact that many businesses are still confused about social media and how to use it for marketing purposes.  Many business owners we talk to understand the basics of websites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.  However, they more often than not do not understand how they can grow their business by marketing on these social media sites.   …