One of the best ways to market your online based business is through video. Video creation and marketing has many direct and indirect benefits to any business and should be adapted by any serious online marketer. But then, what is online video creation and marketing all about?

Online Video Creation and Marketing – What is it?

Online video creation, as it clearly states, involves making of videos for purposes of online presentations, teaching and marketing. It is simply the making of videos to help you presell your products or services to potential customers, and also to help them be able to make proper use of these products to enjoy their full range of benefits.

On the other hand, online video marketing involves the use of videos to get your online-based business more visibility. More online visibility means more human visitors, otherwise called traffic, to your website. This in turn means more prospects, more buyers and more returning customers.

Online video creation and marketing is very significant if one wants to harness the full potential of the internet as a business tool. It comes with a wide range of benefits. Below are some of these benefits.

Why Video Creation and Marketing is Important for Business

1. Online video as a user guide

Using a video, you can present your product to potential buyers in a more clear way. You can be able to show them what the product looks like, how to use the product to realize all its benefits, and how to take care of the product for increased durability. With a video, you can be able to market your product by creating a visual aid.

2. Creating rapport

Online videos can also be used to create better relationships between you and your customers. For instance, you can create a video to explain the benefits associated with your product.

In this video, you can answer the most common questions that users have about the product or your company. Again, you can also have a video that teaches the users on how to leap the most benefits out of the product, thus creating more trust with them.

3. Improving on-page SEO

Placing videos on your website increases the time that a web visitor stays on your site. This is interpreted by the search engine robots as relevance to the subject matter. The longer a visitor takes on your site, the more relevant your website’s content is considered. Thus, having videos on your site will mean better rankings, hence more visibility.

4. Improving off-page SEO

Videos are also very useful when it comes to generating authority backlinks to your website. Making a video and posting it on the many authority video websites generates links that point to your website.

Thus, you get direct traffic from such websites as well as an increased visibility of your website. Remember that quality and authority links pointing to your website from such authority websites communicate a message of authority to the search engine robots, thus giving your website authority and better ranking too.