Why Businesses Need To Track the Leads They Generate Online

In Lead Generation by checkmatemedia

These days the business that is not represented on-line is as good as defunct. However, though most of the business owners and analytics have come to realize that the Internet presence is a must, not all of them got to realize that there is such a thing as “bad press” or – in the case of the Web technologies” – the “bad traffic”.

When it comes to promoting your business on-line the quality totally wins over quantity. The thing is that if your content is good enough, it will be spread further without your assistance. It will go “viral” – the users will share it over Facebook and other social networking and entertainment sites and the traffic and consequently the number of deals you get with the help of your on-line representation will go boom.

But if the content starts living its own life once it had been “released” into the wilderness of the Internet – why businesses need to track the leads they generate online in this case? They need it because the content that is faulty in some ways may also suddenly gain huge popularity and your reputation will be ruined instantly, all over the world.

There is almost no expiration date for the data that had been uploaded at least once. There is always a chance that some old terrible concept project or a disastrous ad your business once risked to publish will emerge one day after years of being stored away on somebody’s hard drive. It may be an accident submerged through a web relics enthusiast or a purposeful revenge of a former employee, but you never know when the idea that went astray may strike back. However, there are ways to prevent it.

A thorough planning and a conceptual advertising campaign coherently lead on all the social platforms at once is the best solution. A good brand should be represented on the same quality level throughout the whole world. Remember that the location-based view limitations of the media content about your product that you are willing to spread in a certain country or region will be easily ignored with the help of proxy servers and if there is at least a smallest chance that your ads may be offensive to representative of some other culture then you are in for a disaster with your whole target audience.

No good business owner should also overlook the scamming possibility. Fake ads giving some really bad rep to the world-famous brands like McDonalds had been known to emerge on-line and it took a lot of work to calm the masses down and prove the falsification once the fakes went “viral”. In other words – pay a close attention not just to what you are stating about your company on-line, but keep an eye open for the media “buzz” created around your product by others.

Once you’ve mastered the art of holistic on-line advertising you may turn your worst enemy into your friend and use the “viral” effect to your advantage as many huge brand did. For instance just remember the “Blues loving dog” off YouTube that had been a “guerrilla” ad of Bud Light beer. It has to be subtle to work for you.