Why You Need a Mobile App to Stay Competitive and Retain Your Customers

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Essentially your business spends money to get customers. The customer comes into your business and they purchase the product or service. That customer then leaves, which means they are a lost customer – and your advertising money is lost because you spent money to get them there. Most businesses don’t do anything to maintain relationships with those customers or maintain the information of that customer for follow up contact. So if this is your business, you are at risk of losing your business because it is out of sight, out of mind and most customers have multiple options. This is why it is so important for you to maintain relationships.

Most mobile apps have push message service which allows you, the business owner, to send a messages directly to the phone of every individual that downloads your application. You could also send out an audio message giving them an overview about some of the new things that are happening with your businesses.

Now let’s look at a local business with mobile app marketing. In a similar scenario, your business spends money to get the customer into the front door. The customer comes into your business, purchases the product or service and then is offered the ability to text a short code to a keyword unique to your business. The customer texts that short code, and they automatically are sent a link to download your mobile application. To activate this, you could have a sign on the front of your store, in your business or in the window that says: text a short code to your keyword to get a free mobile app and (as an example) get a 20% discount or other special offers. Whatever it is that you want to give away, the customer does it, they download the application, and now you have retained that customer because they are now on your ‘list’.

What is the Value to Your Business?

You now own all of that data and you can continue marketing to that customer to the end of time, not allowing your business to go out of sight, out of mind. You have saved advertising money , and you can continue to market to them forever.

Let’s say two weeks go by and your business is a little bit slow. You can then send a push message directly to the cell phone of these customers who visited your business, offering them something to come back. Your business would potentially make more money than you made the entire week all because of a mobile app and push message marketing.

What can a mobile app do for your business?

Mobile apps are much more powerful than just push message notifications. Mobile apps come with amazing features that will allow you to build quality relationships with your customers, giving you the competitive advantage you need while retaining your customers gained through advertising spend.

You may have the “tell a friend” feature which you can add to your app, so a person can click a button and share the amazing features and all of the things that you have in your business with all of their friends. They can share via email, share it with their Facebook and/or Twitter connections, or share with an actual text message.

You can also have the GPS coupons which are awesome; you can automate your rewards and coupons based on visits to your store or events. They can simply check in using your app and the GPS will validate that they are there and keep track of their visit automatically sending them a coupon after the right amount of visits take place. It’s like having a virtual punch card. Your business will benefit from this and your customers will love it.

You also can add a feature that allows your customers to contact you in several ways. They can find a map to your business, they can click a button to call you right away, they can email you, or they can link right to your website,

Also you have the push message notifications which we talked about earlier. You can create and open a fan wall which is essentially creating instant social-proof by letting customers post comments to your fan wall – there’s no greater spokesperson for your business than a happy client.

You can do an event listing where you can update all of your events; maybe you have a special happy hour time. You can even put in an event here that says: if you downloaded our app, show this to our waitress and your happy hour time will start an hour earlier for you. This way you can really connect with individuals who have downloaded your app.

Now every business needs to not only have an app in the next 3-5 years, they will need an app to remain competitive. Why? Because mobile applications are the future, whether you have an Android, iPhone, Black berry or iPad, it’s all compatible. It’s a powerful way for you to establish and maintain communication with your customers and expand your brand like you’ve never seen before.